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Dealer Contracts

(First Business Contact) Terms of business govern the supplier-customer relations between the dealer (buyer) and the seller (the company Toner discount). If you decide to cooperate with us, please send us an extract from the Commercial Register, Trade Certificate. When filling in the buyer's business name, make sure that this trade name matches the business name listed in the Commercial Register, Business license. If you are interested, contact these contact persons:


The purchase prices of  goods are listed in a pricelist, which is available at Access is secured by entering  username and password  received immediately after registration. Seller reserves the right to make changes to these sales prices. In  case of larger one-off purchases, individual pricing and payment terms can be negotiated. In this case, please contact the contact person.

Ordering goods


You can order the goods at the seller in the following ways:

  • Online - Online Order at
  • E-mail - send your orders to our e-mail address  mbolf (at)
  • Personally - in our warehouse, Pražská 10, Brno Bosonohy - Immediate checkout of goods can also be realized
  • Phone-booked goods must be confirmed in written form or by fax. In order to speed up your check-in in case of a personal pickup, it will be very helpful if you send us your order at least 2 hours in advance.

To speed up your order process, please include the following information on all orders:

  • Business name and buyer's place of business
  • Its VAT ID and VAT number if it is registered as a VAT payer
  • Product code according to the Toner-discount catalogue.
  • Exact product name
  • Requested amount
  • Unit price
  • Transport disposition
  • Business name and signature of the authorized representative of the buyer (fax or written form)

On the basis of a buyer's order, the buyer issues a confirmation of acceptance of the order, confirming to the buyer the type, the expected price and the quantity of products that he undertakes to deliver to the buyer. We recommend checking all items of the order, and especially the shipping layout. This prevents any subsequent misunderstandings.

Payment Terms

Payments for purchased goods can be made in the following ways:

  • Payment in cash
    The payment  in cash can be done in case of a personal pickup of goods at the headquarters of the company Toner-discount a.s. Pražská 10 642 00 Brno or upon delivery.
  • Credit payment - with deferred maturity
    A business loan (credit) can be negotiated with permanent business partners. Up to the amount of this credit - the company takes the goods on the invoice and pays the invoice amount at the agreed maturity. The amount of the credit limit depends on the turnover of the previous period and the payment morale of the clients and the financial results of the company.
    If you are interested in opening a credit limit, please contact authorized personnel. Invoice payment for payments within the credit limit is individually set at 7-30 calendar days.

Batch Shipment - Delivery by Geis and GLS 

In case of specification of goods by mail order, the goods will be send to your address. Get the latest information from contact persons. The Goods Documents - the packlist and CMR, are attached to the shipment. 

Pallet parcel - delivery by spedition partners

In case of specification of goods by forwarding company, the goods will be send to your address. You can get the latest information from contact persons. The Goods Documents - the invoice, are attached to the shipment.


Complaint of damage to the shipment during shipment

If there are any inconsistencies in the delivery of goods by the freight forwarder - for example: the number of packages declared in the carrier's list, confirmed by your signature of take-over does not match with the actual number of packages delivered or the package of each package(s) is obviously damaged, demand to record the damage to the takeover slip of the freight forwarder. Please contact our staff about the damage without delay. Later complaints cannot be taken into consideration.

Personal collection

Personal pickup is possible at the headquarters of the company at Pražská 10, 642 00 Brno Bosonohy.
You can find information about the warehouse status online at
or by telephone by individual sales department staff, see Contacts.

Complaint goods

See our Terms of Service.