Catalogue search is sophisticated and simple - enter keywords in any order separated by a space.

Example for search:

  • For example, if you enter "1030", the system will find all items containing 1030 anywhere in the description.
    For example, if you add "ton", it narrows the selection of items  just to the toner that has the mark 1030 somewhere in the describtion.
    Adding an abbreviation for "min" - only Minolta 1030 toners are searched for both original and neutral.
    You can also narrow the selection to only uniqueness by abbreviating uni, bla (blade), dru (drum) - etc.
    We use original product names.
    Abbreviations are not conditional and you can also enter information as long as you wish - when combining more information - always use space!
    When searching by parts number, it is necessary to specify it exactly in the form used by the manufacturer.
    E.g. Konica-Minolta, Develop in form: 0000 000, Toshiba in the form: 0000 0000 00, etc.
    If you do not know the exact code format, always use a space - it is more likely to find a particular product.
    Because manufacturers change the Pn often (Xerox, HP), the most reliable method is to find the machine type - this way, the system will offer you the possible compatibility of different brands (Ricoh, Nashuatec, Lanier, Gestetner - NRG).

Search by our codes

You can also search by our codes - if you are familiar with them.

More search options

  • You can save individual items of goods to your favourite items to speed up next search. All of your previously ordered items are automatically stored in the same section. You can simply edit their list using the {STAR} icon.
  • In shop section, it is possible to track the movement of the dispatched GEIS packages with a 6-month history and to create a few of your own shopping carts in connection with the mode of transport to different take-off points. You can also download, preview or print your PDF documents (6-month history) in PDF format as well as download in .xml format.
  • In column on the right, you can view, save or print your price list in PDF format after login, and a price list in .csv format is available for download.

Write us

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