The warranty period for consumables is 6 months from the date of sale. In order to receive the goods into the complaint, we need to fill out our complaint report. Please pay attention to the completion of all protocol columns - without this requirement, we cannot accept the goods in the complaint proceedings. Please send the completed report by e-mail or fax. You can also comfortably complete the report online - after logging in to our webshop. After completing and submitting the report, you will be assigned a RMA number that has to be shown on the consignment when returning the goods by the shipping service.

RMA Complaint Number

The RMA number is the identification number of your particular claim. With the RMA number, you can track the progress of the claim process for a specific claim.

An application for an RMA number can be filled:

  • Online: on our website (after login)  at SHOP menu - reporting the complaint
  • E-mail: send us the completed report to e-mail

Important Notice - Mail Complaints

When shipping the goods by shipping service, please check if the TONER discount tape is not damaged and the packages are not visibly damaged. In case of any damage, please contact the carrier immediately and take down the damage record. Additional complaints are no longer conclusive and carriers tend to reject them.